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The tape recording purports to be of a conversation between the princess and a secret admirer. Definition of purporting in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of purporting. Information and translations of purporting in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A document was published in London purporting to be a "Declaration of Mr Alexander Henderson made upon his Death-bed "; and, although this paper was disowned, denounced and shown to be false in the General Assembly of August 1648, the document was used by Clarendon as giving the impression that Henderson had recanted.

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Purport : সারমর্ম. Pronunciation: (1) It does not purport to be definitive, but all future scholarship will have to take  purporting /verb/ অর্থ বহন করা; অভিপ্রায় করা; মনে জন্মান; SYNONYM purport; intend;. NEW. ×  purporting. punctuation. n.کام، معنی 1. noun intentspiritmeaningsignificance significationimport.

Meaning of purport purported, purporting, purports, purports in

C L A I M (v) (+ to infinitive) (formal) to claim, not  cording to clearly defined responsi- bilities, roles and stick to the broader meaning. Related terms: output, outcome measure what they purport to measure. 1. understood - fully apprehended as to purport or meaning or explanation; "the understood conditions of troop withdrawal were clear".

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He purports himself to be an international man of affairs. construed with to To intend.

Purporting meaning

To purport is to represent yourself as something you aren't or claim to be something you aren't. (verb) An example of pu Translate Purporting.
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Purporting meaning

The purport of an instrument generally refers to its facial appearance or import, as distinguished from the tenor of an instrument, which means an exact copy or duplicate. 2 days ago Mr. Quine on Meaning, Naming, and Purporting to Name by VIRGIL C. ALDRICH KENYON COLLEGE MR. QUINE says that "there is a gulf between meaning and naming,"' but not between the analytic and the synthetic. The assertion of this conjunc-tion is, in view of his own philosophy of meaning and reference, a … Synonyms for purporting in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for purporting.

1. intention, purpose; meaning, significance. rate, 2. intend, plan; claim, profess; claim falsely, pretend.
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purport translation in English-Tamil dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 14 sentences matching phrase "purport".Found in 3 ms. To have or bear as its meaning; signify; imply.