Glenn Greenwald Leaves The Intercept And The Section 230


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Um podcast sobre política Prenumerera Avprenumerera; Dela. Förra veckan pekade författaren Jude Ellison Sady Doyle på författare som Yglesias, Glenn Greenwald och Freddie de Boer (av vilka några  Ben Mora and Glenn Greenwald, uncensored. – News Commentary-podcastfrån United States. Violence in the Capitol, Dangers in the Aftermath, Glenn Greenwald, Substack; The revenge of the blob, Alex Ward, Vox. Detaljer. Avsnitt 169.

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He's doing fine. The Financial Times is reporting that Greenwald brings in between $80,000 and $160,000 every month from his newsletter on Substack. Glenn on broken media, the sociopathic elites, run-ins with Bolsonaro, sex with women, and being 'unpatriotic' 2021-03-11 · After being singled out as a Substack problem child, Glenn Greenwald highlights ‘the real political battle that has taken center stage’ Posted at 11:53 am on March 11, 2021 by Sarah D. 2021-03-11 · Also last night Ryan Broderick, who was fired by Buzzfeed last summer after an investigation found him guilty of plagiarism, wrote a piece blaming the harassment of Lorenz on Glenn Greenwald. He also lumped in other popular writers on Substack as part of a growing problem. Full disclosure: I consider Taylor a friend.


Glenn Greenwald. Independent, unencumbered analysis and investigative reporting, captive to no dogma or faction. A Substack newsletter by Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald.

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No Place to Hide; animal fanatic; HOPE Shelter (@abrigo_hope); vegan; Insta: Glenn.11.Greenwald.

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Then imagine you're Glenn Greenwald, who has 1.5m Twitter followers  Kongressen kämpar för Big Techs vd för att överföra censurövervakning. Inlagd av: Glenn Greenwald via Substack Mars 29, 2021. Vänligen dela denna  Glenn Greenwald, 'Emails With Intercept Editors Showing /  Den dagliga versionen av min blogg är till exempel på Substack och det är Några av dem (som Andrew Sullivan, eller Glenn Greenwald eller  Glenn Greenwald: Media har konsekvent torgfört falska, överdrivna och vilseledande uppgifter om stormningen av… 9.
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Glenn greenwald substack

18 Mar 2021 Last week, the writer Jude Ellison Sady Doyle pointed to writers like Yglesias, Glenn Greenwald and Freddie deBoer (several of whom departed  22 Dec 2020 The service has attracted a number of high profile writers this year, including Glenn Greenwald and Anne Helen Petersen. Pretty much anyone  18 Nov 2020 That gold rush is Substack, and the man handing out pickaxes is a When Glenn Greenwald recently stormed out of The Intercept with guns  9 Feb 2021 At Substack, one of an increasing number of independent news and opinion sites , lawyer and civil rights activist Glenn Greenwald looks at a  2 Nov 2020 Last week, Glenn Greenwald announced he was leaving The Intercept, the outlet he co-founded in 2014. Greenwald said he was being censored  Read Glenn Greenwald's independent investigative reporting and analysis at Substack: Follow Glenn on Twitter: @ggreenwald  28 Mar 2021 My disappointment with Glenn Greenwald, who I once admired for his Stripe ( full disclosure: Stripe processes my Substack payments) were  29 Oct 2020 "For now, Mr. Greenwald will be part of a growing number of journalists who have left major media outlets to try their luck at Substack, a group that  30 Oct 2020 In a 4,000-word Substack post, Greenwald resigned from his healthy perch at The Intercept, a publication he co-founded, explaining, in his  29 Oct 2020 Glenn Greenwald's decision to resign from The Intercept stems from a collaboration with editors — such is the era of Substack and Patreon.

Just  10 Dec 2020 Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald said Thursday that the intelligence community,” Greenwald wrote on the Substack website. This “Substack Pro” program has been the source of some controversy Graham Linehan referenced in calls to censor Substack, Glenn Greenwald also  20 Mar 2021 That list includes some of Substack's most prominent and recent recruits: Former Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald, my former Vox coworker  Are you the author or do you have some Nov 17, 2020 · This is of course why the most famous Substack defectors – Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Andrew  12 Sep 2020 Glenn Greenwald has followed this from the very beginning. He is of course a journalist, founded The Intercept.

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Independent, unencumbered analysis and investigative reporting, captive to no dogma or faction. A Substack newsletter by Glenn Greenwald. GLENN GREENWALD DECLARES CNN MORE 'OVERTLY PRO-DNC AND ESTABLISHMENT LIBERAL' THAN MSNBC Substack announced on Tuesday that it was raising a further $65 million from investors, in a round led by Ever since the Glenn Greenwald Self-Cancellation Affair exploded on the scene a few days ago, people have been asking me: “Hey, man!